40 weeks left.

I haven't blogged for some time now. I think I will wait the 40 weeks and see what happens.
Have a nice day.


dancin Fool

Nancy Gets her groove on!

Swedish band Fulkultur has done a great web interactive site! Bravo guys...I donated 5euros....Support the little guys.

What am I listening to righ now: duh? Fulkultur


Eerily beautiful

I find this Kodachrome footage from 1922 breathtakingly beautiful and mesmerizing. I feel as if sometimes I am an actress in a silent film. Then the din starts and I get no peace. In any case, I am going to start powdering my face and wearing more red lipstick.

What I am listening to today: Panic....doesn't sound good.

and this....Just beat it!



A Clockwork Corn from Mark Svoboda on Vimeo.

What I am listening to today: You make me feel like dancing....


People who love their jobs

I love my Job.
So does Antonio. He's a gem.
When in Capri...as one does at this time of the year... you need to stay with him.
He has a lovely little place, Il Giardino dell Arte.

Three thing you must do:
1. Go to Saint Michel, and ask for light.
2. Eat a pizza in le Arcato
3. Swim in the blue Grotto, never ask for anything more.

What I am listening to right now: oui...c'est vrai. C'est la ville de ma premier amour! But its only the vacation that is finished :)


Girls like boys with skills

Hence I am dating the Captain of Boy Scouts.

I have been bit by a poisonous spider in Capri....I guess If I wasnt laid out in a 5 star hotel I would be pissed. At least I have time now to update my blog. The beauty farm in the Capri Palace is amazing and the in house doctor is taking very good care of me. I love it when doctors call you "Bella".

For more inforamtion on Spiders watch this nice little video from the Canada wildlfe board

What am I listening to today: Air conditioning...the pain killers have kicked in and I am really enjoying the hummin sound.


I live in France!

And yesterday was Bastille day!
Watched a military parade from the comforts of bed and couldn't be be bothered to watch the fireworks.
Does that make me a bad quasi-french resident?

Play it again Sam.